Past Projects

Past Projects

Cigar Ashtrays

One of my favorite past projects have been my hand carved cigar ashtrays.  I have made a total of 12 of these ashtrays as of the end of 2016.  These are fun little projects where I get to whip out some gouges and chisels and get to work carving.  These cigar ashtrays are available in a countless number of wood species and in various sizes.  So far, the 8″x8″ ambrosia maple ashtray I carved has been my favorite.

Christmas Presents

I made the most presents this year than every before.  Due to some family moves and my day job, I didn’t get started until late November.  I completed them in time though!

Mimi’s Bed

My mother-in-law was in need of a twin bed for a small guest room at their house.  We put our minds together and came up with this! 

Mimi’s Twin Bed








Walnut’s One of My Favorites